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Homemade Alpaca Fleece Products

When it gets to be that time of year when there’s an inescapable chill in the air and the wind is constantly howling outside, there’s nothing quite like the luxurious fleece of an alpaca to keep you warm. Alpacas live and thrive in areas at high altitudes, meaning their precious coats are designed by nature to protect them from cold, wintry conditions. What material could be better then, to keep us warm and cozy too?

At Deer Creek Alpacas, we raise alpacas with great love and care, so that we may harness the unique power of their fleece and share it with the world. Through our online store, you’ll find the quality homemade products you need to spend your days in warmth and comfort fit for royalty!

Alpaca Fleece Clothing, Yarn & Other Products for Sale Online

Alpaca fleece is a highly sought-after material, valued for its natural warmth, satin-like feel, durability, and hypoallergenic qualities. Warmer than wool and softer than cashmere, donning alpaca fleece clothing and accessories will make you feel like you’re curled up and cozy at home no matter where you go.

What sets this natural fiber apart from the rest is not only its luxe silky quality, but also its breathability. Alpaca fleece fibers are hollow, with a naturally-insulating core. The space within these fibers fills up with air, traps it, and then warms it. The warm air then continues to circulate between the fibers of the fleece, giving it a unique lightweight feel that keeps you snug at the same time.

Once a year, we shear our alpacas, process their fleece into a fine luxury yarn, and sell that yarn and the products we make from it to customers via our online store.

Alpacas are a beautiful and gentle animal that we feel honored to raise here at Deer Creek Alpacas. Every year they get a fresh haircut and we are gifted with their soft fleece to share with those who want to experience its unique qualities. All of our fleece is kept natural and never dyed. We process sheared fleece to sell to raw or carded to those that spin, spin it ourselves into fine yarn for sale, and also use it to make hypoallergenic alpaca fleece clothing, accessories, and other products. Some of our homemade products for sale include:

  • Alpaca fleece hats, gloves, & mittens
  • Alpaca fleece scarves
  • Alpaca fleece casual socks, therapeutic socks, & booties
  • Alpaca fleece dryer balls
  • Stuffed alpaca toys
  • And more!

We also invite people to come out to our farm to meet these friendly creatures and learn more about them—and yes, we allow alpaca selfies too!

Experience the luxurious comfort of this one-of-a-kind textile for yourself and browse our selection of homemade alpaca fleece clothing, yarn, and other products online today!